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 [color=blue]Weird0[/color] Tryout application [Denied]

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[color=blue]Weird0[/color] Tryout application [Denied] Empty
PostSubject: [color=blue]Weird0[/color] Tryout application [Denied]   [color=blue]Weird0[/color] Tryout application [Denied] Icon_minitimeMon Dec 06, 2010 3:06 pm

In Game Name: Weird0

Are you able to donate?: Probly not

Age: 13

How long have you played COD4?: about 6 months?

What other games do you play?: A bunch of 'T' Star Wars games... Used to play AA3, and the COD2 demo ( want to get it)

Do you have experience with forums?: yes, allot, i used to forum all the time, even have my own =P

Are you active? (xfire): Yes

Xfire: 0Weird0

Do you have any computer Specialty: IDk what that is, but probly not

What clans have you been in before?: Not any COD clans, besides meh failed ones =P

Reason For Wanting To Join The Clan: Cool server, cool people....

Screen Shots Of Scores:

[color=blue]Weird0[/color] Tryout application [Denied] 107758661-3

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[color=blue]Weird0[/color] Tryout application [Denied]
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