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 Digital Punks: Allies!

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PostSubject: Digital Punks: Allies!   Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:25 pm

What is your Clan name/tag: -dp-

Approx. when were u guys establish/ came to be : June 12th 2010

Who is your leader/founder or admins ?
We have 2 founders (one is concetrating on his family life now)

-dp-Loner (Active Founder)


How many Servers/members you have?

We used to have 3 servers, one we got rid of because it was not cost effective (sadly it was our sniper server :'( ) -dp-HARDCORE SOLDIER -dp-HARDCORE SOLDIER 2

Members can be found at

-dp- Member List

Do u have a site ?

Yes we have a website with working moduals and Forums

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Digital Punks: Allies!
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