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PostSubject: NEW RANKS UPDATE!   Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:32 am

As you can see we have added several new ranks. This is for you as members to feel more appreciated. If you feel that you deserve a promotion, simply submit an application and we'll look at it.

General: Founder, Clan owner. Total Control and Power in the server, forum and in the CLAN. They can Promote and also demote players.
Tag: Gen

Admins: Players with Full Rcon they can tempban, Ban, kick and change map on the server. They can promote ppl. They have to do the tryouts with any others members.
Tag: A

Moderators: They have to post almost every day in the forum, they have limited Modern Rcon, they can kick and temp ban. They can also moderate the forum categories, portal etc..
Tag: M

Artist: They can use photoshop, make montage and do image editing. Like making banners and avatars etc...
Tag: Art

Elite Squad: This is the rank for those who have been in the clan for a while and this is the first promotion you will get. If you are a part of the Elite squad you are more likely to be chosen for Clan Scrims and etc.
Tag: E

Colonel: This its one high rank that demostrate you have skillz they can also make training session for Major, Captains and Privates.
Tag: C

Major: This its one high rank that demostrate you have skillz they can also make training session for Captains and Privates. From this rank and up you will have the opportunity to give "warnings" and perform a variety of other commands on the new auto kick server. 3 warnings automatically results in temp ban.

Captain: The next rank to Private, you will be promote to captain if the Ps staff see you are getting better posting in forums etc.
Tag: Cpt

Private: This is the first rank you get when you enter the clan. This is like the regular member and you have no control of the servers or forum. But you do have a voice so if there is anything you wanna change or whatever, atleast you will be hurd out Wink
Tag: Pvt

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask Me (SwiPe) or Beta. Very Happy

- Ps.|SwiPe|Gen


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PostSubject: Re: NEW RANKS UPDATE!   Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:13 pm

RANKS few O_o. Just need to sort by person


~ Ps.|- R3MT!ON -|A

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