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 -KillForGood- Application [Approved]

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Location : Philadelphia, PA

PostSubject: -KillForGood- Application [Approved]   Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:13 pm

In Game Name: -KillForGood- (or K.F.G)

Are you able to donate?: If I did, it would be in small amounts, and not very often. Money is kinda tight for me right now.


How long have you played COD4?: 4 years (sniping for 6 months)

What other games do you play?: Counter Strike: Source, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal, Modern Warfare 2

Do you have experience with forums?:Somewhat

Are you active? (xfire):I will be much more active if I end up joining Ps.

Xfire: mp5kser

Do you have any computer Specialty: Unfortunately no. Besides a decent graphics card and a bunch of fans inside, my computer isn't really built for much (besides cod4).

What clans have you been in before?: The only REAL clan I've been in for cod4 would be Remix'. Unfortunately though I just recently found out that they have disbanded, so I thought I'd look into a new clan.

Reason For Wanting To Join The Clan: One of your Admins SwiPe, thought I'd be a good addition to Ps. I also have been wanting to join a serious yet friendly clan, and Ps seems like the right place to start.

Screen Shots Of Scores:I don't have any at the moment. I will take some if they are required though.
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Ps.|lolo|A ™

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PostSubject: Re: -KillForGood- Application [Approved]   Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:37 am

Hello applicant, your application has been seen.

Stay active on our servers, and on the forums or your application will be denied.

Via Xfire you will be informed of your tryout date at a further time.


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Location : Norway!

PostSubject: Re: -KillForGood- Application [Approved]   Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:56 pm

Application Approved:

Tryout completed

Approved, you may now put the Ps.| tags in game, on your xfire and on your forums user name, make us proud

- Ps.|SwiPe|Gen

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PostSubject: Re: -KillForGood- Application [Approved]   

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-KillForGood- Application [Approved]
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