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 Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version)

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Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version) Empty
PostSubject: Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version)   Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 01, 2010 1:53 pm

Okey, to win a fight/war the ground rule is to "know ur enemy". So this is the team that we will meet this weekend! Wink Personaly i have played against most of them and they got skills. But i never played agains them togheter so i have no ide on how they work out as a team.


on the bench they have (incase some people dont turn up)

If u wanna go deeper into who they are read this.
This is the "story" taken from there own home page Wink Hope u like it Wink


" DMN - Deadmansnation was a clan in 1.2 client patch, - DMN Tigy - He started DMN. He recurited .:DMN:. =P (aka momo/{iS} Brainz).. We were a big Happy clan - Then all of a sudden Tigy left, and the server forums etc was hosted by his computer and was shutdown,
so now all DMN members were stranded.
So DMN was gone. - So some members wanted to start DMN again, DMN Morphine - Started DMN again
so, Once again DMN was a Clan but Not Stable enough, DMN tigy, stepped in and said that DMN was his clan and the DMN tags was his idea, So he told them To Shutdown the new DMN - But still for old time sake- people were in the DMN Clan.

.:DMN:. =P---Which is {iS} BrAinz. now come into this..

Era of NxS

He Could Not take all this Drama So - he went of to Create a new clan Called |xS| Xtreme Snipers, Then DMN Morphine came to him and said to combine DMN and xS - So we took the "n" of the DMN and |xS|"xS"of that clan and combined it into |NxS| - -
now We Were a big empire . and then Some DMN started to join the |NxS| Clan.
Now this is the point where Chad comes in... back then Chad was called |NxS| Arg0nWire he applied for NxS and was declined. he then decided to have another go at it in a week or so. Morphine then accepted him and MOMO approved this... after about a month Chad was made a Moderator of NxS. |NxS| Arg0nwire Aka --Chad aka {iS} FuZz-- he was loyal member of NxS, he Wanted a Challenge, But he could not get that callenge in NxS - So with momo's help he went of Creating our Beloved {iS}
Now Chad was intent on staying in NxS but going in {iS} under a different name. it was all going well until kaleb went and started DMN again without telling MOMO by this point MOMO lost his block and terminated the NxS clan and forums. u can see what is left of the forums here.

and that was the end of NxS ..

Momo aka |NxS| =P aka {iS} BrAinz. - Nobody gave him any respect * - Since he was the leader of NxS- he reckoned that - If there is no respect for the leader of the clan, Then there should not be a clan.
So he Terminated NxS- Just Because of DMN Spreading rumors and Speak Shit about NxS, Since alot of members Were from DMN. So Momo was angry,pissed @ everyone -

Start of {iS}

now. at this point Arg0nWire aka Chad had become wise to the situation and suggested to MOMO to get everyone from NxS and himself to join iS and he would be the head admin. And at that time - it looked like a nice idea, And momo joined {iS} along with a few other members of NxS. althought some members went to DMN e.g. Technokart, Quickz. alot of others..

There was still some conflict between the clans but. were cool now.

One of our loyal iS members called Stealth a Server administrator had bought a server for iS, everthign was great, the server was buzzing.

Then all of a sudden completely out of the blue he left. just randomly. left.

This is what he posted about his leaving.

''hey guys i am sory to announce that i am leaving this clan
due to no reasons that no one kenw about im sorry to those that i have dissapointed but ive learned so much from this clan ive learned how to run server, how to use rcon, how to become a good sniper

here are some of the ppl i want to thank

Chad: for being a great leader you are an awesome leader and know alot of thing of being an admin
Momo: for being there you are probably my best cod friend, you have taught me a lot enough to have me try to run my own clan
Blackfox: you were a great tec help, without you i would of never been able to play on {iS} servers
and to all those other {iS} members that have been great

i wish you all the best of luck with this clan i really do
so this is my good bye to everyone
you might see me every now and then on servers
wish me good luck with my new clan that im running
good luck you guys are great go kick some more asss and take some names thats the way {iS} does it ''

Now. why stealth really left: He went behind our backs and created a new clan. Called Snipers United but didn't tell us the real reason he had left.
If he had explained he wanted more from iS and he was going to go to try and lead a new clan, and been honest with Chad and BrAinz they wouldn't have minded they would possibly have even tried to help him in his new creation. He had a server with iS. He let us down, BIG TIME. the server went down so we had to re-configure
everything, buy a new server. etc etc.. Stealth eventually told us about this new clan of his and naturally we were pretty pissed off. we wanted his clan to fail and everything. Anyhow, we talked to him and we met an agreement,

--|Stealth was never EVER under any circumstances to recruit any members of iS or ex iS members
--|He was NEVER allowed back to iS
--|iS was never to recruit any SU memebers
--|SU members were NOT allowed on the iS forums, just incase they might steal ideas etc..

BrAinz told Stealth that he was never going to help him at all.
Chad said he would help with really MINOR thngs, like really small things

Chad never acctually did help him with anything..(Apart from telling him to use Adobe Photoshop as his image editing software.)
Neither did BrAinz.

Everything was cool. then.. shit broke loose.

ReXor a good memeber was one of the first people to be recruited to iS tried to hack Call Of Duty 4 and got himself a PunkBuster Ban.. He damaged his GUID (Click for definition) Upon damaging his GUID we had to kick him. if someone saw him playing and checked out his GUID they would see he hacked and would think of iS as a hacking clan, therefore giving us a bad name. So he left without a fuss tbh.

Now. not a few moments later a well respected and valued member x LoSs x left, out of the blue. this is what he told us:

'' hmm guys i dont no how to put it but i am leaving the clan and i will be telling chad and brainz why if they will talk to me as i am a recruit and i have been teach alot by chad and brainz

chad- Good clan leader update things

Brainz- Good admin keeping the severs up for us

I mite not join the severs again so bye all

love ya all''

That was bullshit. he was recruited by Stealth and left iS for that. He keeps telling us that's not why he left. but cmon. why would you leave one great clan with your friends in to go join some other new crappy clan with hardly anyone you know in it...? God only know's why he left iS for them.

SO. Stealth had broken his vow to never recruit iS members. MOMO went bonkers, he was mad. He went on the SU forums and deleted them.. and that was that.

All of SU was in outrage and decided to try to get DMN involved?! this is where Chad comes in.. He found this post at DMN:

'' hey swagger here, im one of the leaders of {SU} with stealth. and iS declared us rivals and have deleted our server and now hacked our site.. any suggestions?''

Chad was like, WHAT THE FUCK?..

He confronted BrAinz about this..:

'' {iS}SA| BrAinz.: fuzz
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: momo is a hacker :p
{iS}L| FuZz: what the fuck dude
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: look @ their site.
{iS}L| FuZz: what the fuck?
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: yup
{iS}L| FuZz: you fucking dick
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: dont get me pissed
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: ..
{iS}L| FuZz: ffs
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: thatz what i said.
{iS}L| FuZz: WELL?
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: well ?
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: are u mad @ me ?
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: mate ?
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: bn?
{iS}L| FuZz: BAN
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: hmm...
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: ban me?
{iS}L| FuZz: this is what gets people to fuckign hate iS!
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: nope
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: they wont.
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: í told stealth not to ..
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: recurit ppl.
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: didnt i warn em?
{iS}L| FuZz: how the fuck did you eeven do it?
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: because..
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: i wanted to destory every clan.. that has ideas or even trys to destory {iS}
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: i am saving {iS}
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: how many ppl are in {SU} ?
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: 4 ?
{iS}L| FuZz: fffs
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: man..
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: cant tell..
{iS}L| FuZz: yes you can
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: talk to me.
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: on xfire.
{iS}L| FuZz: i am talking to you on xfire
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: call me
{iS}L| FuZz: no
{iS}L| FuZz: im watching the mentalist
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: lol
{iS}L| FuZz: and my mic is upstairs
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: simon baker is aussie
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: u know that
{iS}L| FuZz: i
{iS}L| FuZz: have removed you adminship powers on iS
{iS}L| FuZz: temp
{iS}L| FuZz: cus
{iS}L| FuZz: dude
{iS}L| FuZz: fucking
{iS}L| FuZz: your crazy
{iS}L| FuZz: i dont trust you right now
{iS}L| FuZz: what you doing
{iS}L| FuZz: is fucking shocking.
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: i know..
{iS}L| FuZz: i removed blackfox's powers too
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: i told stealth
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: not to fuck with me
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: ok...
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: sorry - if u dont trust me.
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: i know i did the bad thing.
{iS}SA| BrAinz.: but.. ''

So yeah.. BIG shit. Chad was soooo Mad..
He removed Blackfox and BrAinz from adminship because he trusted nobody..

Later on he got hold of BrAinz again and they had a chat. they half agreed on momo
leaving/being kicked from iS..
so Chad kicked him, he was causeing too much conflict between clans and it wasn't worth all the hastle.

By this time, Chad had contacted Blackfox and restored his adminship. He and Black were discussing whats been going on and eventually decided to agree to keep iS going. Also at this point Chad had realised about 6 members had left iS because BrAinz was gone. Chad joined a CoD4 server iS1 Awe4MOD. in witch were Brainz and some of the other people that left iS. They all chatted and messed on with the server for a bit and then all of a suddon Chad thought well. why bother. whats the point. nobody respects me and i was much happier as a loner on CoD4. He decided to stop iS, he was going to close all the servers and delete the forums alltogether. Everyone seemed happy at that and Blackfox removed his tags etc. They decided to play CoD4 for a bit longer then sort stuff out.

For some reason on witch i cannot recall. i (Chad) changed my mind about everything. decided it was just all really silly and went to persuade BrAinz to rejoin iS and pretend nothing ever happened.

BrAinz re-joined and most others have re-joined now too.

so basicly this is as much as i have saved from the old iS stuff,
theres a hellish lot missing from here that you guys may be informed about but oh well.
thanks for listening "

Well that's it fellas. Hope u find this post helpful in some way. Wink

- Ps.|SwiPe|Gen

Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version) Swipa_11[b]
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Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version)   Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 01, 2010 6:54 pm

Some of this info is outdated mate,

i basically made iS with chad, but because of some misunderstanding i left and started #sG. Sniper Generation, i closed Sniper Generation.

i left iS like year ago,

infact i am looking for a clan for cod4.

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Posts : 173
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Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version) Empty
PostSubject: okey..   Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 02, 2010 5:10 am

well that may be.. but like i sad, i just copied this info from the iS webpage Razz

- Ps.|SwiPe|Gen

Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version) Swipa_11[b]
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Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version)   Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version) Icon_minitime

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Here is some info about the iS clan! (Long version)
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